The Basics of Workers’ Compensation Law in California

Under the California State Laws, every employer has to provide their employees workers’ compensation. Therefore, the majority of business owners buy workers’ compensation insurance policy to pay the legitimate claims.

If you are injured at the workplace or while doing job tasks, then you can be eligible for workers’ compensation claims. Every employee in California has to read and understand the basics of worker’s compensation law.

Knowing the eligibility and working of the workers’ compensation law can help you if you feel that you need to claim. An injured employee can seek consultation from a California workers comp lawyer to handle the claims legal matter.

Make sure to choose an experienced, reputable, skilled and passionate lawyer. All these characteristics matter along with specialization in workers’ compensation discipline.

What are the workers’ compensation benefits?

If an employee gets injured at work and applies for the workers’ compensation claims, then they receive benefits. It includes all the relevant medical costs to treat your injuries and even rehab cost in some cases.

There are statutes to compensate the employee, who is temporarily or permanently disabled, due to the job. It is a complex process to categorize a disability condition and determine a proper pay-out. You will need a special workers’ compensation lawyer like Edward J. Singer [has an experience of more than two decades].

You will need to wait for the short-term until your impairment gets categorized. For example, if the disability is temporary, then you will get the benefits in 3 to 4 days. You will also be eligible to get your income due to the injury for a minimum of 14 days.

Workers’ compensation claim filing process

When you get injured at the workplace, inform your employer instantly about your accident and injuries. Seek medical attention immediately. You will be provided with a workers’ compensation claim form. Fill and return it to the employer, who will send it to the insurer.

After providing your employer the claim form, you will be sanctioned a coverage of around $10,000 for your medical treatment within a day. The insurance company will contact you within 14 days regarding the claim. Your claim may be approved, denied or delayed.

If your claim gets delayed, then the insurance company is investigating your injuries. If you don’t get an answer from the insurer for 90 days or gets denied, then hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.


If your employer does not give a workers’ compensation claim form, then interact with the Californian Department of Industrial Relations Division of Workers’ Compensation.

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