Six Important Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring an Employment Attorney

Deciding to pick the right legal representation can be difficult. There are things you must keep in mind before you hire an employment attorney. Employment law is complicated and the right attorney can help you win your case and get the benefits you deserve. When hiring an employment attorney, keep the following in mind:

Specific Experience

You will want to work with an attorney who has the specific experience to make them the right fit for your employment case. Law firms that specialize in employment issues vary in size and some may have a team of attorneys with years of experience in a certain practice area like unpaid overtime, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and others. During your consultation, make sure to ask about the depth of experience the attorney has for your kind of case.

Number of Similar Cases they Have Handled

Ensure you hire a lawyer who has worked on cases similar to yours. For instance, if you think your boss fired you due to age discrimination, ask the lawyer of the percentage of cases they have handled that involves his kind of employment matter.

The Possibilities you can Expect

You must know the possibilities of what could take place if you decide to move forward with your EEOC claim. Setting your expectations from the get-go will help you throughout the entire process. A great employment attorney cannot tell you with absolute certainty what will happen; however, they can provide you with an idea of the various types of results you can expect. A lawyer who delivered positive results in your kind of employment matter in the past may deliver the same results in the future.

Your Legal Options

Depending on your situation, your attorney may recommend you settle out of court or take your case to trial. Ensure your lawyer listens and understands the full scope of your case. They should help you understand how your options will benefit you.


Ensure you work with an attorney who will constantly communicate with you from start to finish. Ask a possible attorney about how they will contact you. Experienced attorneys can explain the lines of communication to you during the initial consultation. They will talk to you about the law and your employment rights in a way that you can easily understand.


Trusted lawyers are highly regarded by their previous clients and recognized by industry associations. They work in firms that have received several honors and awards from different organizations.

Erica Isaiah

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