Few Considerations When You Are Negotiating Severance

If you are in a situation, when you find that your boss has called you in his cabin and also HR manager is present then you can guess that the company is thinking of giving you quit notice.

After the meeting, you will be handed over a folder that may be containing your contract of separation. That is a legal paper, which will let you know all the legal terms for your departure from the company with the details of your severance pay.

You are supposed to put your signature after reading the entire terms of your letter and you will be given a certain deadline. Your HR manager may also suggest you to consult your lawyer if you like.

Whatever the company is offering you in the severance can consist of a number of clauses and in order to be in full agreement with them it is important that you consult any lawyer from a law firm like Halunen Law.

There can be a number of gray areas where you cannot make your own decision without consulting a legal person who can help you to negotiate with your employer to support your interest.

Following are few things that you need to consider if your service has been terminated by your employer.

  • Proper understanding about your and your employer’s right  

It is important for you to know that your employer has used his right properly while terminating your service and you are not victimized.

  • Range of financial benefits that you owe

You must ensure that whatever financial compensation that has been provided to you to settle your claim are fully justified amount.

  • Factors that decide how much you must get

There are few factors that will decide your full and final settlement:

  • How well you performed
  • The reason of your termination
  • Whether your employer tracked your performance correctly
  • Review your past history of work closely

If you closely review your past work history then you can judge how you performed and whether any discrimination has been done against you.

  • Try to understand where your company can be flexible

It is important for you to understand where the company can show flexible attitude towards you which will be useful during negotiation.

  • Tap your relationships

While negotiating, your good relationships with your boss can help you more where you may get better consideration as compared to someone else negotiating for you.

  • Keep your job search momentum

During the negotiation process, your job search must continue.

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