5 Signs That You Definitely Need A Child Custody Lawyer!

Separation and eventual divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster ride for a couple. If there are children from the marriage, things can get complicated in no time. Things like division of property & debts, and settlement of other matters, do matter, but nothing is probably more relevant than child custody and support. In Virginia, couples may choose to have an agreed arrangement for child support, which can be modified as required later, but things are not always as smooth. Having a child support attorney can really change things for your case. In this post, we are discussing further on whether and how you can hire a lawyer for your child custody case.

Signs to watch for

  • Your spouse has hired an experienced lawyer. If you are in a contested divorce and your spouse has hired an experienced lawyer, you should consider the same too.

  • Your case is complicated. Divorce cases can get messy, and it is not uncommon for couples to use kids as pawns to settle marital scores. In case your case is complicated and your partner has been accusing of all the wrong things, you have to get help.
  • Your spouse lives in a different state. State laws for divorce and child custody can vary, and if your spouse lives in another country, state or region, having a child custody lawyer is absolutely necessary to seek advice of a reliable child custody lawyer.
  • You are not sure of how to go ahead. Paperwork and arrangements for child custody case can be complicated, and even when couples agree to child support terms, everything has to be filed in a certain way. Instead of making guesses, you can consider hiring a child support lawyer in Newport News for help.
  • Your ex has been playing dirty. If your ex refuses to pay for child support, or has been trying to prevent you from seeing the kids, you should consider hiring an attorney as soon as possible. Sometimes, your attorney will find a way to enforce the orders, or may even recommend mediation, if viable.

Hiring an attorney may be also necessary when life has changed drastically for you and your partner. If either of you are relocating, choosing to get married or plan to make changes to child support, having a law firm is particularly necessary to oversee everything. Check and shortlist attorneys today and ask relevant questions about their expertise before hiring them.

Erica Isaiah

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