Few Common Cases of Medical Malpractice

Case of medical negligence can arise, if your doctors, nurses or any other health professionals provide you harmful or improper medical care. Usually, such mistakes from medical professionals are not too common but mistakes do happen without your knowledge.

Few medical errors take place more frequently as compared to others. In this article, we are providing few examples of medical malpractice that many of you must have heard before.

  • Misdiagnosis

Significant number of cases is often noticed, where your doctor may have wrongly diagnosed your disease and this has affected your health adversely.

Often it is possible to know by consulting a doctor by showing your case history and the treatment undergone.

  • Delayed diagnosis

Often there may be a situation where the patient may remain in the hospital but treatment is not timely provided and as a result the condition of the patient may get even worse.

Such condition may often occur if lots of test results are awaited and the right treatment cannot start because of unavailability of right test report.

  • Childbirth injuries

Most of you may be waiting for months for new addition in your family, but your doctor made such a mistake during childbirth, that can injure the baby that may have long-term effect too.

These can be a big burden on parents of the child who have not only caused financial loss but also emotional burden.

  • Surgical errors

Most of the errors take place during surgical procedures, particularly if doctor is not sufficiently experienced and capable. If during surgical process, any mistake is done by doctor then it can have a long-term effect too.

  • Medication errors

When you visit a doctor, you expect that you will get right medicines prescribed by them, however if your doctor prescribes a wrong medication then in order to neutralize the effects, you may need to take other medicines.

  • Anesthesia errors

Anesthesia can always be very risky of all kinds of surgical operations, and that is the reason, no surgeon ever administers the anesthetic during the procedure. There is a special doctor who will generally administer anesthesia.

If the anesthetist is not experienced, there is a scope of making an error.

  • Hospital infections

Though hospitals are considered to be the safest place where there should not be any chance of infection. However, if any patient ever gets infected after remaining in hospital then it is certainly a case of negligence.

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