6 Myths about Social Security Disability Laws, Busted

Taxpayers or previously working people are entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits, if they suffer from some kind of disability, rendering them unable to work anymore. Although the conditions of applying for SSD benefits seem quite simple, a lot of confusion exists among individuals about their eligibility for the same. Myths and misconceptions fire these confusions, leading to feelings of insecurity and even anxiety issues.

While a professional social security disability attorney from a reliable company like killianlaw.com can help you file for your SSD benefits and increase the chances of getting your claim approved, you should be aware of the truth behind the misconceptions to get the assurance you seek.

So, let’s bust some of these myths to find out the truth.

Myth 1: You should be nearing your retirement to get the benefits

No! You can avail the SSD benefits at any age, starting from 18 years. Only the widow and widower benefits have a minimum age limit (50 years), but in case of the rest, you can start getting them from any time in your life.

Myth 2: You can’t work while getting the benefits

One of the commonest myths about SSD benefits is that you cannot start working, despite your disability, while getting the benefits. It’s only partly true, and the maximum workable income is set at $1,180, below which, you are eligible to get the money.

Myth 3: You aren’t eligible for worker’s compensation while getting SSD benefits

On the contrary, you can get both simultaneously. Worker’s compensation is temporary, and it generally helps you bear your expenses until the SSD benefits start paying out. However, the amount may vary, if your SSD application gets approved before the worker’s compensation or vice versa, to create a balance.

Myth 4: It may take years for your application to get approved

You can expedite your application process under the compassionate allowance program if your condition falls in the list of 88 severe disabilities. In that case, the process will get fast-tracked, and your application may be approved within 20 days.

Myth 5: You should be disabled for at least a year to file for the SSD benefits

False! You may apply immediately after learning about your disability, which is going to last for a long time, rendering you incapable of working like before. You can seek the help of an attorney to make the process smoother for you.

Myth 6: Hiring an attorney is optional, as it increases your expenses

Filing for SSD claims is a long and continuous process. Without professional legal advice, you may not be able to get your claim approved in a short duration, and chances are, it may even be denied. The SSA also limits the amount of money a lawyer can charge to help you in the process, so you need not worry about draining your savings.

Are you suffering from a long-term disability? Get in touch with an experienced social security disability lawyer to reduce the hassles of applying for SSD benefits.

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