Looking For A Workers’ Compensation Attorney? Things To Know!

The consequences of a workplace injury can be severe – Medical bills, loss of wages, physical pain, mental trauma, and the uncertainty of earning again. Most employers do have workers’ compensation insurance, but filing a claim and getting rightful compensation may not be as easy as it seems on paper. Hiring a professional law firm, such as Law Offices of Edward J. Singer APLC, can be a great step. Most injured workers don’t seek legal help – a mistake that must be avoided.

‘Do I really need a workers’ compensation attorney?’

That’s often a common question that victims of workplace injuries ask. Every case is unique and circumstances may differ, but having a workers’ compensation attorney always helps. In general, workers’ compensation law is complicated, and most workers don’t have enough information on what’s required to file a claim.

You also need a work injury attorney if your claim has already been denied, or when you are not being given the medical treatment required. Victims also take help from law firms when they are unhappy with medical treatment, or when their employer is not treating them right. In worse cases, the employer may fire you, and you may be out of work, without any financial help. If you have been fired because of a workplace injury, you definitely need a lawyer.

Your lawyer is critical to your case, and sometimes, you may need someone to just advice on the matters related to filing a claim. If your employer has denied you rights and things that were promised, your work injury attorney will take things to the court.

How to hire a work injury attorney?

Experience and expertise – These are two critical factors that matter in selecting a work injury attorney. You need a law firm that understands state laws, will explain all details and has the time to fight your case. Not all claims and cases have to be complicated, but when you have an experienced work injury attorney on your side, you are assured of making more informed decisions. Keep in mind that you have to find a lawyer who is reliable and accessible, and they should be able to answer all relevant questions related to your case. As a new client, you can ask for references, and don’t shy away from enquiring about their profile or getting details of the big cases they have handled and won.

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