Get To Know Common Personal Injury Laws

Personal injuries can be because of the victim’s reckless behavior or someone else’s negligence. Tort law or personal injury law allows the injured claimant to get compensation from the negligent party. Even if it was an intentional act to harm the plaintiff, personal injury case can be filed. Variety of different scenarios gives rise to personal injury cases. Every situation where someone gets injured is not going to bring about liability.

Some common personal injury cases

Medical malpractice

When a health care provider fails to offer competent and reasonable treatment but causes more depreciation of the patients health status than it is regarded as malpractice case. These are very complex and need a skilled personal injury lawyer to represent the plaintiff.

Car accident

An accident occurs, when a driver fails to follow safety road rules. Carless driver can be held responsible for the injuries that were caused during the car accident. In no-fault states, the driver’s personal insurance providers compensate except if the injury is serious. If you reside in Colorado and are a victim of car accident then visit KillianLaw.Com. You can read the reviews on their website and find out how efficiently the lawyer team works in personal injury cases.

Slip & fall cases

Property owners are responsible to keep their buildings safe and hazard-free. Every injury that occurs on such properties are not accounted for liability. It will differ on the situation and place injury occurred.


Character defamation means the person can suffer from reputation damage because of untrue statements. Defamation plaintiff has to prove, where the statement was made and even reveal the actual financial loss. Public figures or celebrities will need to prove ‘real malice’. It means they have to prove that the fake statement was made recklessly or intentionally.

Dog bites

Dog owners are financially liable for bites or other injuries their pet caused. Exact responsibility differs from one state to another. In some cases, there are stringent liability rules, especially for dog bite damages even if that dog has not revealed any tendency to bite someone in the past. There is ‘one-bite’ rule existing in a few states, where the owners are responsible for personal injury damages, if it is proved that their dog is aggressive [has bite history].

Intentional torts

Intentional torts are not on the basis of carelessness or negligence but when a person gets harmed intentionally. It involves a criminal case aspect against perpetrator. The victim can pursue a criminal case as well as file personal injury complaint in the civil court to demand compensation for injuries.

Personal injury lawyers can help you get fair settlement!

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